Gymba® Board

Walk While Standing

Gymba® Board is specifically designed to improve office ergonomics and make our bodies active during the days at the office. It pairs up perfectly with a standing desk and with its unique walking-feature it makes standing pleasant and healthy.

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Gymba® Board is made out of bio-composite and is 100% recyclable.

5 year warranty

We give the Gymba® Board 5-year unbreakability warranty.


Gymba® Board comes with two massage balls that bring a little luxury.

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Made in

Gymba® Board is manufactured in Finland from Finnish raw materials.

Gymba® Board has multiple

Health Benefits

From health’s point of view it makes a big difference whether standing is passive or dynamic. The Gymba® Board is endorsed by Dr. Harri Helajärvi (MD., PhD) who is specialist in sports and exercise medicine. 

With the Gymba® Board the body, blood circulation and metabolism stays active having multiple health benefits.

How To Use

The multi-functional Gymba® Board is an office accessory that does it all: it is a balance board for a standing desk, it is a twist board, an exercise board, a calf stretcher, a motion board and a therapeutic foot massager all-in-one. To see more specific information: